A Christmas Change

Pic by: The Cat, You and Us para el Festivalet 2019.

Lately I have a recurrent dream. I dream with the day my kids ask for less "things" for Christmas. At that moment I will realize that we have advanced and my tears of joy will go away when I see that all our effort has been worth it.

After hiding systematically the catalogs that arrived at home, dodging sexistically organized stores, and rise my children from the essence and not from the whim, is possible that one day they ask for less things and more experiences.

You understand me, right?

When that day arrives, #LittleChanger's families will be easily able to give away meaningfully gifts. Cause till it doesn't happen, it's going to be very tough for us to achieve it.

We have normalized the excess of consumption to such an extent that those who do not want to follow that inertia, seem to be in a different level of the appearance pyramid. 

And many people, due to the image, the perception or the lack of time to stop and to reflect upon this issue, continue feeding the monster of consumerism, and consequently sow those values ​​in their daughters and sons.

There are lots of excuses to avoid doing the right thing.

What if we change the rules?

This dream is making me think about the Christmas gifts for my kids. Because they don't really need all they are asking for. Probably they won't even really want them. And the proof is the drawer of toys and games in their room as it fills up more and more and  it open less and less.

So I will listen to my intuition and this Christmas I will give less and give better.

I share with you the criteria and priorities I'm applying this year when I analyze the wish lists of my kids:


  1. Highlight the things they really need.

  2. Prioritize meaningful gifts with a valuable message.

  3. Give away experiences to enjoy together, and remember forever: a trip, visit a museum or perform some action with a social background.

  4. Bet on locally produced gifts, with natural materials and ethical values. And toys that encourage their learning, creativity and cooperative play.

In addition, I also let you some ideas that inspire me, so you can improve your children's Christmas letter:

What child resists building a cabin, a labyrinth or a super hideout? With the construction games offered by Trígonos, children have a wonderful time setting up and dismantling houses, castles or caves and, almost without realizing it, they learn subjects such as mathematics or physics.

I love this book. ONE HUNDRED SEEDS THAT FLY is a book that exalts the forest, which celebrates the resistance of the seeds, and the intelligence of trees and nature. From Coco Books (Spanish version).

Or, for the oldest kids, join the revolution of the youngest fighting the climatic emergency, giving away a subscription to PANTERA MAGAZINE, the magazine for girls and boys that will save the planet.

Encourage critical thinking since age 3, with the exclusive #LittleChanger Sweatshirt. In addition, the production is Fair Wear and is designed and screen printed by hand in Barcelona.

If you are still reading so far, I hope you join hilittle! and our way to change the rules. Step by step and with very clear ideas. Only in this way we'll achieve those great changes earlier.

And you? Do you also dream of the day they ask for less ‘things’?