Woodland Animal Masks for play at home.

These days, locked up at home, are much more bearable thanks to creativity and play, that is why HI LITTLE! wants to contribute with creative ideas that stimulate the whole family.

That's why we want to share these free downloadable masks for play with your kids.

Can you imagine being in the forest surrounded by amazing animals?

Play with your children to recreate a wild world at home with these downloadable masks that today we bring for you. Make up a story, together you can act out a play or just let your imagination run wild.

1. Download the PDF file and print it A4 paper.
2. Cut out the silhouette and the hole of each eyes.
3. Put an stick or a ribbon around the head.
4. Take a lot of pictures, a video and share it with your family and friends!

Use this hashtag #LittleWoodlandAnimals to share this Free Downlodable file with your community!


By Cris Romero. Creative Director.