Our sustainable fashion project is born inspired by the spirit of childhood. This manifesto is a true statement of intents that will always be present in our DNA:

1. We promise to run, jump, play and, above all, laugh at ourselves.

2. We believe in the Superpower of kisses that
heal wounds and the Magic of songs that
give light to the grey days.

3. Honesty and love will be our flag.
Equality and respect will be our conquest.

4. We will take care of forests and oceans,
animals and people.
All together will save the planet!

5. The art, nature and culture will feed our creativity. Who struggle for the common good,
will be our inspiration.

6. We will be independent, curious and we will think in a critical way.

7. We will act as part of the change. With passion and conviction.

Do you share de same spirit?
Come with us and be part of this amazing project!