"Educating in Respect". Meet Irati Ayerza

Irati lives in Guipuzcoa with his family: Enko, her partner, and her two children Inhar (6) and Udai (4). They are part of our #LittleChanger community. She is an exceptional photographer and a great storyteller with a natural and emotional view. Today, we want to know her a little better. This is our first interview that, we are sure, will inspire you so much.

A Christmas Change

Lately I have a recurrent dream. I dream with the day my kids ask for less “things” for Christmas. At that moment I will realize that we have advanced and my tears of joy will go away when I see that all our effort has been worth it.

Why Organic Cotton?

We have a strong commitment to stop the climate emergency as well as protect the skin of your children, and ensure that the impact of each of our garments does not leave a negative mark on people or on the planet. Therefore, there are many reasons why we work with organic cotton and why better certified are our special choice.