The Kind City, campaign for claim greener and safer cities for kids.

This summer, Hi Little! is coming back stronger than ever by activating a new awareness campaign entitled “The Kind City”. This campaign was created with the aim of reclaiming greener and child-friendly cities and municipalities, giving prominence to those most affected: kids.

Free Downloable Animal Masks for play with kids.

These days, locked up at home, are much more bearable thanks to creativity and play, that is why HI LITTLE! wants to contribute with creative ideas that stimulate the whole family.
That’s why we want to share these free downloadable masks for play with your kids.

Imagining child friendly cities

These last days I have been imagining a city where little girls and boys can grow up freely and happy. A city with less noise, less cars, less grey, with purer air, greener and many more places where to play on the streets. As the one’s a long time ago.

"Educating in Respect". Meet Irati Ayerza

Irati lives in Guipuzcoa with his family: Enko, her partner, and her two children Inhar (6) and Udai (4). They are part of our #LittleChanger community. She is an exceptional photographer and a great storyteller with a natural and emotional view. Today, we want to know her a little better. This is our first interview that, we are sure, will inspire you so much.