Why Organic Cotton?

We have a strong commitment to stop the Climate Emergency as well as protect the skin of your children, and ensure that the impact of each of our garments does not leave a negative mark on people or on the planet.
Therefore, there are many reasons why we work with organic cotton and why better certifieds are our special choice:

It does not damage the environment and does not pollute the water.
Conventional cotton cultivation extends to 3% of the land an uses 25% of chemicals worldwide manufactured. The cultivation of organic cotton improves the fertility of the land and its ecosystem, since it is based on the rotation of crops.

Helps to improve health of producers as well labor rights of the people involved are guaranteed.
That is why, in addition, our textile suppliers comply, which guarantees a fair work, outside the labor exploration, with a legal salary and schedules, rejects child labor and requires a work based on equality human rights.

It protects children's skin.
As it avoids its exposure to toxic substances harmful to health, is a perfect garment choice for sensitive skins of kids or people with atopic dermatitis.
Also, is the better choice for any skin and for the planet.